Ultimate 6-Week Snatch, Clean, Jerk Combo Pack

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Weightlifting movements are a unique combination of strength and speed. A training program that emphasizes one over the other will not yield effective results which is the highest total possible weight that can be lifted effectively. The programming in this challenge prescribes the effective dose and proportion that will bring your lifts into balance.

These programs were developed for those individuals who have already achieved proficient technique in the lifts. They are not for those who have not achieved technical proficiency. They will enhance and sharpen the technique of those who have already developed good technique. They are also designed to improve overall strength, speed and training capacity for weightlifting.

Coach Bob Takano has over 45 years of experience in training championship calibre lifters. At his Takano Athletics facility in Woodland Hills, California, he continues to work daily with athletes at all levels from high school sports men and women through beginners, competitors, and masters. In addition, Coach Takano certifies and trains weightlifting coaches around the world and is considered one of the foremost authorities on the sport in this country.

This is a 3-Book package consisting of the following titles:

6-Week Snatch Challenge

6-Week Clean Challenge

6-Week Jerk Challenge

3 PDF and 3 EPUB