Turbo Charged Kettlebells

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When there is no structure around a strength practice, it quickly slides into aimless wandering. Knowing when we need external input to jolt us awake and back into growth mode is a true mark of character and maturity

The purpose of this program is to help you develop your foundational Kettlebell skills and also prompt you to begin trying some new skills. Whenever workouts become stagnant, we often default to the mindset of needing heavier weights, more reps, more training frequency, or even setting it aside altogether to try something new. By shifting gears and focusing on skill development, we end up forcing our bodies into new adaptations and meeting the inner need to become better and grow internally, which keeps us engaged in the process.

This incredible program consists of a 12 week training plan, an instructional supporting ebook packed with information and a full instructional video to accompany the workouts.

Regardless of what you’ve chosen in the past, this program is an invitation to take a massive leap forward and challenge your personal strength. What you will discover is that when you create space in your life for one type of challenge and growth, other types of challenges will present themselves, but you will only see these new opportunities if you are on the lookout for them. Carving out space in your life to pursue physical strength will also refine other elements in your life that you’ve been neglecting. It surfaces the need to develop these elements and if you set your mind right from the beginning, you’ll be confronted with them daily.

2 PDF and 1 MP4