The Max Effort Black Box

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Michael Rutherford - "Coach Rut" to his trainees - has created 5 unique ways to combine high endurance with focused strength training for everyone from the working parent with little time to the D1 football athlete whose training is key to success.

Through years of experience and thousands of clients, he has honed these systems to produce consistent, reproducible results.

The Max Effort Black Box System will make you better all round at CrossFit or just a better athlete. Pure and simple. The system incorporates dedicated strength training with the CrossFit template design.

The zip folder includes both EPUB and PDF versions of the Max Effort Black Box ebook plus Excel spreadsheets to help you create training sessions and track your progress:

Three-Day and Three-Day PLUS Templates (3 Day MEBB)

The Four-Day Template (4 Day MEBB)

The Five-Day or Family Man Approach (MEBB 5 day ADV)

2 XLS, 1 XLSX, 1 PDF and 1 EPUB