CrossCore Hardcore

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“Using Gallagher’s CrossCore Hardcore protocols, I was able to bring my biceps and triceps to positive failure within ten reps. I would never have thought that possible. The CrossCore® Hardcore strategies will tax the strongest amongst you on a lot of exercises. Some of the crazy angles you can use are unlike anything I have ever encountered in 40 years of training….as far as a mobile, portable, take-anywhere training tool, this thing rocks!”—KIRK KARWOSKI, 6-time IPF world champion, 7-time US national champion, Current IPF world record holder

“I love training tools that are heavily researched and that diversify my programming. CrossCore Hardcore offers ideas for how to train athletes with intention—with purpose. It shows how this one great tool has benefits that can be very sport specific, and it demands that you progressively train in all planes of motion utilizing the athlete’s bodyweight. CrossCore Hardcore as a study and as a method is AWESOME!”—STEVE HESS, professional basketball strength and conditioning coach